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100 Meters – Blank Verse


100 Meters – Blank Verse

It’s early morning. My brain is drained by sleep. There is nothing to say. Nothing I would choose to say. So, I start with a blank page. My nascent career as a performance, soon to be published, poet has begun. Deep in the recess thoughts begin to percolate. I am thinking about making introductions. I am thinking about post cards and the need for brevity. I close the poem with a choice. Where or there?

How to start
An introduction
To a piece
Use an opening line
Followed by 4 dots
Pretend there is more
That is hidden
Or is to come
Keep them holding on
Hung in suspense
No one will ever know
The lines that are not where


I called myself a performance poet. Makes a change. I’ve recently been full of socially enagaged activist poet; slowly emerging. Words have become more important to me. Its not just blather on a blank page. I can use this to start a performance. Use long pauses. Is it a poem, is it a link? Another introduction is something I learned from a student at the City Link. ‘Call yourself a stammering poet ‘, she said, ‘manage expectations’. Is this another stammering poem? Is it a poem at all? That last question to self….. full of doubt, doubt is a question in the void

Doubt is the question in a void

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